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Construction Pictures of the
33 Eco-Trawler Option 1

Welded Aluminum construction using 5086 aluminum side plates 3/16”, bottom plates ¼”

Deck house is fully welded using 3/16" 5086

Scantlings and plating designed to meet requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping

Aluminum construction has advantage of being ecologically friendly

Aluminum has strength and lightweight ideal in giving boat both excellent fuel efficiency and minimal wave making.



Three prototypes have been produced and have been operating very successfully. We have tested one of the prototypes in various sea conditions. One condition was in 6-foot seas with the close repetition of Lake Michigan waves. At 13 knots and heading straight into the waves, the boat performed very well with no pounding or slamming. The fine entry at the bow enables it to slice into the waves with little effort and adds to the efficiency of the full-displacement hull. The boat tracked well on a downwind course in the same sea condition. The full keel and the stern portion of the hull design is the key to its ability to maintain course at various speeds. Prototype Pictures

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