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Cruising Stories

Trawlers are the boat of choice for long-range cruising with their fuel efficiency, stability in various sea & weather conditions, and comfort with lots of living space and storage capability relevant to their size. You can read about some of Ken & Karen's experiences as they picked up and delivered boats to or from Wisconsin, Florida, and Canada. There are also cruising stories about some of our customers who have shared their adventures with us.

2013 North Channel Cruise w/ 33 Eco-Trawler by Karen Schuler

2009 Great Loop Cruise w/Ranger Tug 25 by Sheila Holden of PULASKI CITIZEN

2007 Canadian Triangle Trip w/ 31 Camano by Hal & Jan Linscott

2007 Ontario to Wisconsin w/ PDQ 41 Power Catamaran by Karen Schuler

2007 Great Loop Adventure w/ American Tug 34 by Karen Schuler

2006 Ontario to Wisconsin w/ PDQ 34 Power Cat by Karen Schuler

2006 Washington to Alaska w/ American Tug 34 by Chas Garbe

2005 Wisconsin to Florida w/ Lagoon 43 Power Cat by Karen Schuler

1995 Florida to Wisconsin w/ Nordic Tug 32 by Karen Schuler


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