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Why is aluminum such a good choice to use for building a trawler?


Aluminum is pound for pound stronger than any other material. It is much less vulnerable to penetration by anything that you may hit in the water. Aluminum will bend before it breaks and is much less costly and easier to repair.

The 33 Eco-Trawler features welded aluminum construction using 3/16" 5086 aluminum side plates and 1/4" bottom plates. 

Deck house is fully welded using 3/16” 5086 aluminum.


Boats made out of aluminum are more durable so they last longer than boats made from any other material. As a result they hold their value longer.


It is all welded so there are no joints and no leaks. Aluminum does not absorb water, blister or delaminate like fiberglass.   


Aluminum is lighter so you can go faster and carry more weight.  

Features of the Eco-Trawler

  • No thru-hulls.

  • Entire mid-cabin and forward cabin are foamed for heat/cold efficiency, buoyancy, and a quiet comfortable atmosphere.

  • The length to width ratio and weight make it very efficient. It’s readily trailerable due to the beam and weight.

  • Composting head is simple and eliminates the need for the plumbing and holding tank (items that add to the expense, maintenance and odor issues).

  • Streamline exterior-mounted marine air-conditioner eliminates thru-hulls and reduces installation costs, maintenance, and noise level.

  • A generator powers air-conditioner and galley appliances with no thru-hulls, reduced noise, and easy accessibility and maintenance. Shore power (30 amp) is included.

  • Two major points of comfort are the helm chairs and the custom mattresses.
Contact Trawlers Midwest for more details.

Ken Schuler 920-629-6500; Karen Schuler 920-894-2632 or trawlers@trawlers

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